McEnany: Trump will win Florida in landslide despite being down in polls

President Donald Trump’s campaign is confident Florida will swing red, five days before Election Day.

“I think it will actually be a landslide in Florida,” said White House senior advisor and Tampa native Kayleigh McEnany. “This state is trending red, and I think in 2020, we’ll see that ring true.”

Polls show former Vice President Joe Biden holding a razor-thin lead, but McEnany begs to differ.

“We believe we’re ahead in Florida,” she insisted. “But nevertheless, we work for the American people. That means being in Tampa today, we’ll be back in Florida later in the week. Certainly, before Election Day we’ll be back in Florida.”

When it comes to his handling of the pandemic, President Trump has faced daily criticism from his opponent:

"He gets his photo op and then he gets out,” former Vice President Joe Biden said. “He leaves everyone else to suffer the consequence of his failure to make a responsible plan."

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McEnany says the president’s plan is the responsible one.

“President Trump wants to re-open the country safely,” she said. “He wants to make sure Americans have their jobs, their schools, their churches. Versus Joe Biden, who says he is open to locking down the country like Europe. That is not the answer.”

What both campaigns can agree on is the sheer volume of absentee votes. Florida voters have already cast more mail-in ballots than the entire 2016 election.

Still, McEnany believes Trump has the edge.

“Democrats typically have an absentee ballot advantage, but we’ve eaten into that advantage by 2/3 and we believe that we’ll win the Florida vote on Election Day,” she said.

In the last 96 years, no Republican has won the presidency without winning Florida. The last time it happened was 1924, with President Calvin Coolidge.