Maryland juvenile believed to be tied to Florida 'swatting' calls

At least one juvenile is being investigated for the swatting calls that disrupted a Sanford, Florida neighborhood. Over one weekend, the Tackett family had SWAT called to their home four times in the early hours of the morning. 

Sanford Police, with help from law enforcement in Maryland, were able to track down at least one Juvenile who may have been responsible for the calls. 

"From the email, I got from Maryland," said Bill Tackett. "It doesn’t seem like they’re going do much of anything." 

Manchester, Maryland Police tell FOX 35 News that the facts of the case would be a misdemeanor in their state. In an email they sent to Tackett, they told him the juvenile could face a $500 fine. 

"It’s very frustrating to know that something like that could happen, and they get a slap on the wrist," said Tackett. "Granted being a juvenile, I didn’t expect jail time or anything like that, but I did expect some community service or something to hopefully deter the future behavior."

Former sheriff's detective James Copenhaver said swatting calls like this are no simple prank call. They come at a loss for taxpayers. 

"We have a true victim sitting at home that has no idea what’s about to occur, and the citizens really suck up the cost of all this," said Copenhaver. "My biggest concern about all this is it’s taking valuable resources away from our cops and placing them in these frivolous swatting calls."

Copenhaver believes that the punishment should be more significant. At least a fine large enough to get the parent’s attention.