Married couple dies in fatal crash, teen daughter survives

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Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) troopers say a crash happened on OBT just ater 8:30 last night, injuring a teen and killing her parents.

Friends say, they were loving parents, who had just finished having dinner with their teenaged daughter. But on their way home, troopers  with the Florida Highway Patrol say a driver lost control of his car and crashed into the family's Kia, killing 47 year old Robert Rojas Ospina and his wife Liliana.

"When we received the news, it was very, very shock for us." Family friend Felix Torres says as he visited the couple's daughter at the hospital. "She said Daddy and Mommy left together, it was hard when she said that."

It's been hard for everyone, especially at this church. Pastor Peter Reyes says, the family attended Templo Ebenezer and even helped decorate the church for Christmas yesterday.

He says the congregation embraced the family, "They're crying, do not believe it. It's very hard."

Albert Guerrero says, "Robert was a painter and she was in housekeeping. They were my friends. He always helping everybody, was so proud of his family."

Friends say the teenage girl, is recovering in the hospital. Felix says, "She's a strong girl. It's real sad when your parents leave."

Pastor Reyes says they plan to help the girl. But it's tough even for him dealing with the loss. He remembers the last words Liliana said to him. "She was smiling telling me bye bye pastor. Bye bye pastor. I wondered why so much bye bye. Today I understand she was telling me bye pastor. It's very hard."

FHP troopers say the crash is under investigation. Charges are pending.