Deputies say man led on wild chase across Marion County

Marion County deputies say a man led them on a crazy chase. 

Jessie James Bell is facing a laundry list of charges including elder abuse, battery on law enforcement officer, and carjacking.

Deputies say it all started at a house in Belleview. That's where we spoke with Jessie's sister who says he was having mental issues leading up to attacking his mother in her bedroom. 

"First I heard her holler no! Get out! Then I heard help! I tried to get through the door to get to my mother and realized the door was locked."

Eventually Bell's sister and a friend got Bell away from his mother. His sister says when he realized she was calling 911, he took off in her truck - a piece of which was left lying on the driveway. "Jessie knocked me down and stole my keys and other items out of my purse," she says.

Deputies say what came next was a chase around the area, with patrol units, K9 units, and a helicopter all trying to track bell down. During the chase, deputies say Bell barreled-through backyards and golf courses, causing several thousand dollars' worth of property damage.

Deputies eventually used stop sticks to stop the stolen pickup. They say Bell used bear-spray in the truck on the deputies, who responded by tasing him, and finally getting him under arrest. Bell's sister says the family is sorry for the trouble he caused. "This family is just thankful there was no loss of life," she says, "that's the most important part."

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