Marion County homeowner wakes up to burglar microwaving leftovers

During a string of robberies, Marion County sheriff's deputies say a thief took a dinner break and the homeowner walked in on it. 

Summerfield homeowners say, Christopher Pennington, 47, was robbing their home when he stopped to heat food in the microwave. 

Jeremy Tapia, who lives in the home, says his mother woke up early Wednesday morning to their fridge beeping. She thought he left it open so she closed it and went back to bed. But, then she heard more noise in the kitchen. 

"Ten minutes later she hears the microwave running," Tapia said. 

Tapia said when his mother walked back into the kitchen, Pennington was heating their leftover rice in the microwave. 

"As soon as she sees him, she screams," Tapia said. 
He said that Pennington took off with his father's truck after his mother found him in their kitchen. The family still cannot believe what happened. 
"No normal robber would just cook food in the middle of robbing someone's house," Tapia said. 

On that same night, deputies say Pennington robbed another two Summerfield homes and stole another truck. One of the homes was Dennis Adkins'. The 73-year-old said Pennington was looking through his closet while he was lying in bed. 
"I said I don't know who you are, what you want, or what you're looking for but you're in the wrong place," Adkins said. 

Adkins says Pennington stole his truck and phone so Adkins rode his bike to the closest gas station to call 911 while carrying his oxygen tank that he needs to breathe. 

"I would have walked, but I don't breathe so well, so yeah he put me in a predicament," said Adkins. "The guy needs some help. He needs to be punished for what he's done." 

Deputies say Pennington was later caught because he was yelling in another person's backyard and that homeowner called 911. Pennington is facing several charges.