Many Floridians choosing to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Central Florida continues to track Dorian and some people on the coast aren't taking any chances. They are leaving the state days before the storm is expected to make landfall.

"We're on the road. Because there's a storm coming," one evacuee told Fox 35.

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Governor Ron DeSantis is urging everyone to have evacuation plans in place. The Florida Department of Transportation will decide what rules to implement and whiche ones to waive in event of an evacuation. FDOT says they won't use contra flow, where all lanes go into the same direction, but they may activate ESU, emergency shoulder use, which is when they use paved shoulders as traffic lanes.

Brevard County officials say at no point will the causeway bridges be totally closed, but when the storm arrives, going over them may be extremely dangerous. 

I-95 is already making emergency changes. Crews have been removing barriers to open up the shoulder to make it an extra lane for any drivers planning to evacuate.

Those folks who live on the Barrier Islands could be in an evacuation zone as early as Friday.

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