Man uses giant plastic Zorb ball to greet grandma on Mother’s Day

Phone chats, Zoom calls and window reunions are standard options when trying to communicate with older loved ones amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Danny Wolverton, though, opted for a much more up close and personal approach when greeting his 90-year-old grandma on Mother’s Day.

The Tucson, Arizona resident used a Zorb ball, a large circular plastic device commonly used for recreational purposes, to say hello to his grandma. A video showed their heartwarming plastic reunion. 

“Hi grandma!” Danny enthusiastically says from his enclosure while touching his grandmother’s hands.

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“Hi Peter,” his grandma replies, arms outstretched.

“It’s Danny!” Danny replies.

“Oh, it’s Danny,” his grandmother confirms.

“I wanted to visit my grandma for Mother’s Day but I didn’t want to risk getting her sick with COVID-19, so I wanted to practice clever social distancing,” Wolverton told Storyful. “You can’t be too safe, especially when dealing with the elderly.”

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Anyone can contract the novel coronavirus, but individuals of an older age are at a particularly higher risk of developing serious health conditions and dying from COVID-19. 

Wolverton’s plastic method of greeting his grandmother is certainly inventive, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends practicing social distancing to prevent potential contraction and to help slow the spread of the virus.