Man fake-quits Popeyes job by singing, ploy to bring joy (VIDEO)

It was all a prank! But with good intentions.

Making its rounds on the internet is a video of a man seen "quitting" his Popeyes job by singing and it has left social media in tears! But did you know he actually didn't work there?

The prank was orchestrated by Marco Summers, who creates reaction videos that focus on real life scenarios with a more humorous approach. 

"It's positive pranking that helps open people's eyes," Summers told FOX 5. 

And in this specific scenario, Summers enlisted the help of friend Cedric Workuff, an upcoming artist in Kansas City. He said it was the perfect opportunity to place Workuff's sensational singing skills on a platform.

The gusty performance was posted on Facebook and Instagram where it quickly gained over a million views in 24 hours!!

Summers said the intentions of his videos are to bring people laughter and joy, often times during his recordings, people will approach him and say how much it impacted them. 

"When I hear 'you just made my day' it feels good," Summers told FOX 5.