Man arrested in crash that killed 9-year-old girl, injured 12-year-old brother

Altamonte Springs police say a drunk Ulises Mora smashed his Porsche into a black Acura. 

The wreck tore a black sedan in half, throwing two children out of the car: A 9-year-old girl, who died instantly, and her 12-year-old brother, who paramedics rushed to the hospital.

Paul Sienko lives near where it happened. 

“I was beside myself because I ran out there right after it happened. It was really tragic,” he said.

Sienko said it was the worst accident he's seen at that intersection. 

“You see such close calls," he said. "We've had about six bad accidents out there that I remember.”

Police said after the crash, Mora stayed on scene and went to the hospital where doctors took a blood sample. They didn't arrest him for causing the crash, because they wanted to wait on his blood alcohol test. Now, the results are in and officials say he was driving over the legal limit.

“He had alcohol in his system. That's when we were able to partner with the state attorney's office to determine that we could charge him,” said Evelyn Estevez, with the Altamonte Springs Police Department.

Police charged Mora with DUI manslaughter and booked him into the Seminole County jail. They said the victims' family is relieved.

“This is a devastating thing for the family. We met them last night and gave them the news he'd been arrested and they were grateful. Whatever closure looks like for them, we were hoping to give them a little bit of closure in the incident,” Estevez said, adding that police were still investigating the crash.