Man accused of shooting two women in Orlando

Orange County deputies say a man shot two women in Orlando.

It happened on 6th Avenue on Friday night.

Deputies say the suspect arranged to meet one of the women to buy shoes.

They say during the sale, the suspect robbed the woman, but she fought back and ended up getting shot.

During the commotion, deputies say a second woman came to see what was happening and was also shot by the same suspect.

Investigators say the suspect took off in his car, but soon crashed.

After several attempted carjackings, some successful, the suspect was arrested when he was found with a stolen car on fire.

Deputies say the victims suffered non-life threatening injuries and are expected to be OK.

Deputies have not released the name of the suspect, or victims.

They say the investigation is on-going.

Charges are pending against the suspect for aggravated battery, attempted carjacking and carjacking.