Man accused of killing wife, 3 children at Celebration home claims he 'can't remember anything'

A Celebration man facing charges for the murder of his family claims that he "can't remember anything" and that he absolutely loved his wife and children, as he said during a phone call made from jail.

Anthony Todt, 44, is facing second-degree murder charges for the killings of his wife, 42-year-old Megan Todt, and their three kids: Alek, 13; Tyler, 11; and Zoe, 4.

He was arrested in January after deputies found the bodies of his wife and their three children wrapped in blankets in the master bedroom. Investigators believe the deaths happened towards the end of December. A toxicology report deemed the deaths a homicide caused by “unspecified violence” and Benadryl overdose. The full autopsy report showed that Megan and two of the three children were stabbed.

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FOX 35 Orlando obtained a phone call that Anthony Todt made from the Osceola County Jail. He talks to a woman who he refers to as "Cheesepuff." He tells her that he is being held in isolation and describes the experience as "beyond what he can explain right now."

He goes to tell the woman that "I don't remember anything pretty much over Christmas and the first week that I got here. I don't remember coming in. I don't remember anything after the events that happened. I have no idea where I was, where I am, and the only thing I remember is being at the hospital, I guess, I assume before I got here."

(Marcelo Rodrigues)

The woman tells Todt that she is very worried about him and that she and his mom are here for him, despite their grieving. She tells him that his mom is doing okay but obviously is very upset. He goes asks her to tell his mom that he loves.

He also assured the woman that he absolutely loved his wife and children. At one point, he mentions that “I couldn’t take the love out of loving her. I wanted you to know."

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Other matters were discussed, including his belongings. He wants his car to be given to a younger relative and he mentioned a silver Mickey Mouse necklace that belonged to his daughter, Zoe. He said that he was trying to find it on “the night everything happened" because "Zoe wanted her silver Mickey necklace for reasons you'll find out later." However, he could not find it and ended up "falling asleep, and let’s just leave it at that," adding that "I was supposed to wake up at 11, 11:30, and didn’t wake up until the next morning.”

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The State Attorney is pursuing the death penalty against Anthony Todt. 

Prior to Todt's arrest, federal agents said that they were investigating him for health care fraud. They said that he had billed thousands of dollars' worth of fake physical therapy sessions to Medicaid and private insurers to fund a lifestyle beyond his means.

Reports came in after Todt's arrest stating that Todt had actually witnessed his father attempt to have his own mother murdered about 40 years ago in Connecticut. His mother survived the attack and his father was convicted.

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