Man accused of killing teen who tried to rob him and his wife

A wife is shocked after her husband was arrested for killing a teen who police say tried to rob the couple months ago. 

She says it's a case of self-defense.

Vanessa Fulcher never expected her husband, Curtis, to be arrested for manslaughter.

"The officers held him at gunpoint, dragging him out of the car like he was a serial killer," she said.

Orlando police say Curtis Fulcher, 41, was arrested for the shooting death of Denim Williams, 16. It happened back in January. 

"This is total self-defense. My husband was not only protecting himself, but me and his unborn child.," Vanessa said.

Vanessa, who is seven months pregnant, says she and Curtis went to Orlando to sell an iPhone to Williams and Deandra Florence.

According to investigators, those two planned to rob the couple of their iPhone. 

Vanessa says Williams was the one who grabbed it.

"He snatches the phone from my husband and goes for his waistband," she said.

And at that moment, Vanessa says she thought Williams was going to pull out a weapon. 

"My husband grabs his firearm and exits the car. I'm terrified. I literally pull off. In the background, all I'm hearing is the gunfire," she said.

A few minutes later, Vanessa said her husband told her that he shot the teen.

"He's like, 'Babe, I think I shot him.' All we seen is that he was going for his waistband."

The State Attorney's Office released a statement saying, "Based upon the investigation submitted to our office by LEO and our own assessment of the facts and law, we made corresponding filing decisions."

Vanessa says investigators told her charges were filed because the boy was 16.

Deandra Florence is also charged with second-degree murder. 

Vanessa says she's truly sorry to Williams' mother for the pain they've caused.

His family devastated over his loss during a vigil after his death says he was just a kid. 

Vanessa said, "I regret that it happened, that a mother is mourning her child."

But, she believes her husband was protecting his own family. 

"He put his life on the line to save me and my unborn child and I will fight to save his life," she said.

The State Attorney's Office says Fulcher has a bond hearing on Friday at 9:30 a.m.