Man accused of fatal stabbing at Daytona Beach gas station faces a judge

Joe McCants stood in Volusia County court, Sunday morning, charged with the stabbing death of Thebese Rankin.

Rankin's mother, Lisa Wilson is devastated by the loss.

"My son was a lovable person. Everybody knew my son. We're from Providence, Rhode Island. My son moved down here, everybody knew my son. My son worked hard, he worked," Wilson said.

The judge said McCants stays in jail, for now. "I've already found probable cause. For today's purposes, I'm gonna hold you no bond," he said.

Police say the stabbing happened at a Daytona Beach gas station early yesterday morning, near BCU. Paramedics took Rankin to Halifax Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. McCants is being charged with second-degree murder. McCants is telling police that Rankin threatened him, and he was standing his ground. Rankin's family doesn't buy that.

"Second-degree murder I'm not standing for," Wilson said, "first degree murder's what I'm standing for. I want the full justice!"

Witnesses tell Daytona Beach Police McCants stabbed Rankin in retaliation for Rankin allegedly shooting at his house after an earlier argument with another man.