Orlando Magic fans undergo health screening via a Clear app

Fans are back but with a lot of safety measures in place including a health screening before they were even allowed inside the Amway Center.

The Orlando Magic are back at the Amway Center with spectators, for the first time, since March. But game one welcomed a reduced crowd of about 2,000 to allow for plenty of physical distancing. Fans expecting to wear masks and keep their distance from others but many were surprised by the mandatory health screening on the clear app.

"We’re doing some kind of app, we don’t even know what we’re doing," said Andrew Pesognelli, Orlando Magic fan.

He’s talking about the Clear Health Pass App that asks ticketholders COVID-19 screening questions, like how they are feeling and if they’ve recently been exposed to the virus.

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"So you can be sure that everyone there with you is happy and healthy and safe and the place you are going back to, in this case we happy to be working with the Orlando Magic, you can be sure and they can be sure that everyone in that arena is feeling good tonight and is going to be safe to watch the game," said Catesby Perrin, Executive Vice President of Growth, Clear.

Clear’s Executive Vice President of Growth Catesby Perrin promises users their responses are kept private and erased after each event.

"We want to make sure your data remains yours, all the person at the arena, the nice folks at the Amway Center see is a red screen or green screen," said Perrin.

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But what happens if you get a red screen?

"It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to go to the game but it does mean we should just take a second look," said Perrin.

Some fans say the extra step is tedious but worth it.

"It’s a hassle to an extent but whatever keeps everybody safe," said Christian Seijo, Miami Heat fan.

"It’s better than not coming to the game, so I don’t mind doing the procedures like this," said Pesognelli.

"To help you get back to basketball, to travel, to everything that you’ve been missing and haven’t been able to do in the same way since all this began, we wanna be there to help you and help you do it in a privacy-centric way," said Perrin.

This app could also be used by music venues, air travel, perhaps even theme parks. Clear is also working on a vaccination pass, to show proof you got the shot, once the vaccine is available to the general public.


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