Longwood man flies to Poland to help sister who fled from Ukraine

One Longwood resident has been receiving videos and photographs from his sister, who this weekend escaped war-torn Ukraine for Poland.

Sirens sound throughout the city, and explosions can be heard in the distance. These are just some of the videos Aleksandr Murga’s sister has been sending him from their hometown in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. His sister fled this weekend to Poland where they have other family members.

"She spent I think 14-and-a-half hours at the border," said Murga.

That’s where she sent these videos. 

Murge is on his way to her now. He lives in Longwood. He spoke to FOX 35 News from the airport in Miami just before he boarded a flight to Poland to help his sister and hopefully bring her back to the United States. 

"If there’s going to be any way to do that, I’ll do my best to try. To get to the United States is not easy for anyone, but I’ll see if I can help somehow from inside." 

Murga left his 10-year-old daughter to make this trip. He bought a one-way ticket with no idea when he’ll return. He says watching what’s been happening in Ukraine has been heartbreaking, and he could no longer just sit back. 

"I have so much family members and friends at home. It’s just nonstop, watching news, find out something bad again and again and again." 

His primary focus is his sister, but he says he’s going to try and help others who are fleeing as well.

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