Lightning strike victim share his story of survival

Francis Gilday has a mark on his head and a hard time focusing. He was released Sunday from the hospital after being struck by lightning on New Smyrna Beach.

He told Fox 35 News Reporter Kelly Joyce, "My memory has been really shot and my motor coordination is completely shot. So, I have tingling in my hands and feet. 

He was surfing near the New Smyrna Dunes Park Thursday night. Gilday and a friend were out training with others for a surf competition in California next week. That's when the storm snuck up on them fast. He said, "We were talking about waiting for the storm to pass and that’s the last thing I remember."

They hid under the boardwalk near the jetties when the lightning knocked down Gilday and two of his friends. His friend Robby performed CPR and chest compressions on Gilday.

Gilday still doesn't remember the lightning strike. He says doctors think he had a concussion, but is expected to be ok.