Lake County seniors struggling to get vaccinated

People in Leesburg have been struggling to get an appointment for the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, but we're told in a few days that should change.

Brad Gray, 67, says he and his wife have registered for vaccines online, but haven’t been able to make an appointment anywhere in Leesburg.

"I haven’t heard from anybody. I am kind of surprised it has worked out the way it has."

We asked, "What is that like for you? "Brad said, "It’s disappointing. At this point, I’d like to get things rolling and at least get my first shot."

According to State Rep Anthony Sabatini, 40 percent of residents 65 and older are vaccinated in Lake County, but 60 percent are still waiting for their first shot.

"The federal government is not distributing the vaccine fast enough," he said.

FOX 35 went to Congressman Dan Webster for answers. He says the supply isn’t meeting demand.

"The FDA has been a little slow. We’ve been pressing them. We’re going to do a little more pressing there cause we want to get all four of those vendors up and running," he said.

Congressman Webster said he sent a letter requesting more vaccines, saying he supports the governor’s request to double Florida’s supply to help the elderly population.

"I’d like to see more, but yes, there was a great response to our first letter."

That’s why the federal government will be setting up sites around Florida, increasing distribution from 8.6 to 10 million doses a week.

He says there will also be more distribution sites in Lake County.

"Publix has others that are ready and willing to add and the same with other suppliers."

He recommends people continue to make appointments online over the next few days. Brad says it's important he and his wife get their vaccines.

"I have mild COPD and my wife has bronchial asthma, so we both have conditions."

For vaccine updates, Lake County residents can sign up at