Lake County residents gather to show support for Ukraine

Dozens of people gathered in front of the Lake County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon for a rally in support of Ukraine. 

"They’ve engaged in acts of terror. They’ve attacked a sovereign nation, Ukraine. As we’re sitting here this is occurring, and we need to remember that," said Lake County property appraiser Carey Baker. 

For some, being at the rally was personal. David Averill’s wife has family in Ukraine. 

"To show the support for the Ukrainian people. They’re fighting not only for the freedom of Ukraine but the freedom of the world," he said. 

People also wrote letters that the city promised would be delivered to the people of Ukraine. 

"My sister is in West Virginia. We talked until three o'clock this morning about this and what we can do to help," said Vanessa Bennington. 

The city hopes other cities follow and hold their own rallies.

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