Kissimmee residents rush to get valuables from homes as water levels rise

As a mandatory evacuation is enforced at a retirement village in Kissimmee, deputies are closing roads as the water level continues to rise. Osceola County officials are warning residents along Shingle Creek, Reedy Creek and Boggy Creek to leave their homes as the water rises.

Kissimmee resident Daniela Tabora said, "Very disappointed. The houses and everything. You live here so its kind of upsetting to see it."

What was once Manor Road is more like a lake, where a car is submerged, and mailboxes are underwater.

Neighbors use jet skis to grab their belongings. Glory Rodriguez explained. "It’s been a nightmare. There’s no light. Water all the place, we can barely get out of the house."

Omar Zayas said, "Terrible. It’s bad. The water’s still rising. So we don’t know what to expect."

As Shingle Creek, Reedy Creek and Boggy Creek rise, Kissimmee residents worry what will happen next.

Even S Hoagland Blvd was flooded, causing problems for drivers.  

Osceola Sheriff Marcos Lopez said, "It looks like it’s slowly climbing. I don’t know if the water levees where the major water flow is affecting us more."

At Good Samaritan Retirement Village, there’s a mandatory evacuation. 

Resident Chris Altobelli left with his mother and said, "Our apartment started flooding, and we had no way out, so I started yelling out the window when I saw the air boat go by and waving and fortunately the Sheriff’s noticed us and came and got us."

"There is a sewage plant over there. It’s concerning because the water levels are getting close, said Sheriff Lopez. "Once that starts overflowing you get all kind of bacteria and people start to get sick."

Osceola officials said the flood gates are open, but with water coming from Seminole and Orange Counties, there's only so much they can do.

Osceola schools will be closed on Monday, because many of the roads here on impassable, so avoid driving if you can.