Judge to determine if Markeith Loyd is fit for sentencing

The man convicted in the murder of an Orlando police officer was back inside a courtroom for a competency hearing. 

A judge is trying to determine if Markeith Loyd is capable of understanding his sentencing which is just 10 days away. 

The judge heard three-and-a-half hours of questioning of two doctors who evaluated Loyd before calling a recess to make her final decision. 

Throughout the hearing, Loyd was quiet and preoccupied as he appeared to be reading a book. His two psychiatrists took the stand to discuss their evaluations of the man facing the death penalty for the murder of Orlando Police Lieutenant Debra Clayton.

"If you were to ask him a question about his upbringing, where he went to school, what he had for dinner last night, he can testify appropriately to those sorts of things, but anything related to the case would likely go off into delusion and tangents," said Dr. Jeffrey Danziger. 

Dr. Danziger, a forensic psychiatrist, concluded that Loyd is not faking a mental illness and believes he is on the schizophrenia spectrum. 

"He’s delusional. He believes that he is being persecuted despite everyone knowing he’s innocent," said Danzinger. 

A second forensic psychiatrist agreed in part with Danzinger that Loyd understands the basic facts of the case and that Loyd isn’t faking the voices in his head but concluded he’s fit for trial. 

"He understood that he was in the sentencing phase and that was in conjunction with him understanding that is attorneys were present and the seriousness of the case," said Catherine Oses. 

At no other point during Loyd’s case has he been deemed incompetent for trial. He is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. 

Loyd’s sentencing is scheduled for March 3. 

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