Judge orders new sentence for 'Xbox murders' ringleader

A man sentenced to death for one of Volusia County's grizzliest massacres has been ordered to have a new sentencing hearing.

A judge in Florida on Wednesday ordered a new sentencing hearing for Troy Victorino, because none of the four death sentences he received were unanimous.

The Florida Supreme Court ruled last year that death sentences have to be unanimous, and anyone sentenced after a 2002 ruling could be eligible for a new sentence.

Victorino was convicted of six counts of first-degree murder in 2006. He was given the death penalty for four murders in what has been dubbed "the Xbox murders."

Prosecutors portrayed Victorino as the ringleader of a group of men who broke into a home in Deltona and killed six people and a dog.

Kay Shukwit's daughter, Michelle Nathan, was one of the victims in the killings.

"It's just my feelings are, why are you making all of us go through this again?" she said. "There's no sense at all. It's just ridiculous,  because one or two didn't vote for the death penalty.  To me, majority rules, which is how it's always been, so why is it changing now?"

Shukwit said she's frustrated but is still ready to move forward.

"I know it has to be," she added.  "I'm with the prosecuting attorneys, and ill be there all the way when it's over again."