‘It takes one press’: You can make up to 24 holiday cookies at once with this giant cookie cutter

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means there’s less and less time for families to bake — and more importantly, eat — the annual quota of holiday cookies. 

Luckily, a brand new tool to help streamline the process has been released by Target: a giant cookie cutter that can cut out 24 cookies from one layer of dough. 

Whether it’s Christmas trees, little cottages, or a snowflake, this crucial baking tool will turn your kitchen into a one-person holiday cookie factory. 

Target says the massive cookie cutter will bring efficiency and fun to your baking tasks. Measuring 8.75 inches wide, 13 inches long and 1 inch deep and made of metal, you’ll be churning out everyone's favorite holiday treats in no time. 

It’s going to be tough to decide whether the best part of the giant cookie cutter is how easy it is to clean up, or the fact that it only costs $14.99.