‘It is an exciting time for our space program’: Harris to lead National Space Council

Vice President Kamala Harris announced Saturday that she will accept her role to lead the National Space Council and further the county’s mission in space exploration. 

"As I've said before: In America, when we shoot for the moon, we plant our flag on it," she tweeted. "I am honored to lead our National Space Council."

"The Vice President is the perfect person to lead the federal government's space policy, which is increasingly complex, with many nations in space," NASA administrator and former Sen. Bill Nelson said in a statement.

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"Vice President Lyndon Johnson was the first chair of the National Space Council when America initially ventured beyond Earth. Now, Vice President Harris will coordinate our nation’s efforts to ensure America continues to lead in space. It is an exciting time for our space program," Nelson continued.

According to FOX News, The National Space Council was created in 1989 during the George H.W. Bush administration. It was scrapped in 1993 soon after Bill Clinton took office and brought back in Donald Trump’s first year as president. Former Vice President Mike Pence was put in charge of the committee.

President Joe Biden announced he would keep the council intact last month. 

The National Space Council is part of the Executive Office of the President that oversees and develops policies reflecting the country’s interests in the space industry.

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One of the council’s latest goals is completing NASA’s Artemis program. It includes sending U.S. astronauts back to the moon, including the country’s first woman, by March 2024 as well as building a permanent base on the moon’s south pole.

It’s unclear when the council will hold its first meeting.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.