IRS does make phone calls during 'tax season'

For years there’s always been one golden rule when it comes to scheme phone calls: the actual IRS does not call people.   Well, the days of that rule are over.

The Better Business Bureau of Central Florida is reminding residents about a new IRS policy that started at the end of last tax season. Under the new policy, the IRS outsources some of their outstanding debt collection to four private collection companies who do make calls to those with unsettled accounts. However it’s not like they won’t make it clear they’re the real deal.

"The IRS is going to call you but after the IRS writes you a letter informing you they've passed your debt on to a specific debt collector,” said BBB representative Erika Urdaneta.

Urdaneta said the collection agency will also send a letter before the call is ever placed, and then they will handle it professionally.

An actual collector won’t ask for payment over the phone, credit card numbers, or gift cards. They also won’t ask for a social security number, they won’t demand immediate action, and they won’t threaten you or curse you out.

Urdaneta said they’ll simply instruct you to go to the IRS and pay up what you owe.  When in doubt, she said you can always call the IRS directly to ask if they’ve got business with you.