Interrogation video shows accused cop killer breaking down, crying

Videos recently admitted into the court file as part of the discovery process give a look inside a police interview room with Everett Glenn Miller.  Miller is accused of killing Kissimmee Police Officer Matthew Baxter and Sgt. Sam Howard in August 2017.  

“Sir don’t kill me,” Miller is heard saying as detectives enter the room.

With his hands cuffed behind his back, Miller manages to unbuckle his belt and shimmy off his pants. When detectives come in to question him he gets a little sassy when they ask his name.  

“My name is, you know my name.  You have my ID. Please read me my Miranda rights and get me my lawyer.  Am I under arrest?” Miller asks.  

Police tell him he’s being detained.  Miller asks for his lawyer, then several times he asks for his handcuffs to be loosened.  One of the detectives warns Miller that everything in the room is being recorded and tells Miller that he’s concerned about his mental status.  Miller makes it clear he doesn’t want to talk.  

“If you change your mind and you want to talk to me, military man to military man, you knock on the door. Ok? I'll come back and I'll talk to you. No one is going to hurt you,” the detective tells Miller.  “Just kill me now,” Miller responds.

The video shows Miller sitting alone in the interview room for long periods of time.  He’s seen squirming around quite a bit.  He makes an odd request the next time a detective enters the room.  

“Can you take my stuff?  Because, I'm going to kill myself,” said Miller.

The detective is then seen taking Miller’s pants and shoes out of the room. The video shows Miller weeping one moment then begging for suicide by cop the next.  

“Kill me. Just kill me. Tell them I resisted. Kill me sir.  Tell them I tried to (beep) choke you.  Kill me sir.  I want to die,” Miller says.    “Why do you want to die” the detective asks.  “I just did something [inaudible],” Miller is heard saying.

Miller is charged with two counts of first degree murder.  If found guilty, he could face the death penalty.