'Insulting to teachers': Orange County teachers union says district's salary changes are misleading

Just one day after Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) rejected the special magistrate's recommendation on healthcare benefits – the teachers union has responded. 

On Thursday, OCPS announced a ‘historic’ nine percent salary bump for teachers that translates to an annual increase of $5,400. 

On the other hand, the school district said they'll no longer assume all the financial burden of rising healthcare costs – demanding a 64 percent health insurance premium hike from teachers. 

This decision prompted backlash from the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association (OCCTA) which said Thursday's decision would increase teachers' annual premium by thousands of dollars – many who are continuously living paycheck to paycheck.

In a statement, OCCTA President Clinton McCraken said:

"Too often public officials shower praise upon teachers, but don’t support these dedicated educators when it comes to critical issues. Teachers are looking for the School Board to do the right thing and not sneak in an enormous health insurance increase on the very last day of a contract,"

The union also called OCPS's characterization of the new changes as "insignificant" and "misleading and "insulting to teachers."

According to the union, health insurance is the only issue that remains at impasse that will be decided on March 5.