Independent pharmacy focuses on vaccinating homebound seniors

A Central Florida pharmacist is making sure people are getting vaccinated, going door-to-door to contact homebound seniors.  He says more independent pharmacies should be doing this.

Prescriptions Unlimited has vaccinated thousands of people in Osceola County over the last two months. FOX 35 News was with them when they made a home visit to a 93-year-old woman on Wednesday who says she’s looking forward to seeing her sons this weekend.

Once you get Mary Del Rosso talking about the year of COVID, she doesn’t pull any punches.

"I think it’s been stupid, crazy, whatever," said Del Rosso, who received the one-dose Johnson & Johnson shot. "I do appreciate it because I don’t drive and I’m a stupid old lady so I really do appreciate it."

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She’s one of more than 1,200 homebound seniors that Eric Larson and his team have vaccinated door-to-door in the last two months.

"The problem is a lot of them are worried about the daunting needles that they see on TV," said Larson.

Not to mention, seniors have had trouble making appointments online and getting transportation to vaccination sites.

Prescriptions Unlimited is an independent pharmacy in St. Cloud. Owner Eric Larson says more pharmacies like his need to step up, and local governments need to be open to working with them. "There’s no one more prepared to deal with an emergency situation than an independent pharmacy or a small business owner, let’s be honest. Because we can move fast," said Larson.

Unlike a chain pharmacy, there’s no red tape. Plus he has 22 staff members compared to the handful often working in chain pharmacies. "I think we get overlooked because we feel like we are the small business or the little guys when in fact we can compete with the big guys all day long."

The so-called "little guys" are who these seniors seem to feel pretty comfortable with.

"There you go you’re done. Was it tough?" Larson asked Del Rosso Wednesday, after completing her vaccine.

"You were good, I didn’t even feel that. Now he’s going to have a big head," said Del Rosso.

Prescriptions Unlimited continues to work with the Osceola County Department of Health to make daily house calls and drive-through vaccine appointments at their store.

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