‘I’m strong, I’m beautiful’ says little girl after closing her finger in door

This little girl is one tough cookie.

Sweet 2-year-old Brilee from McLoud, Oklahoma smashed her fingers in a door, which had to hurt so much. Tears start to well up in Brilee’s eyes – but they don’t last long.

Her mother, Shelbee Haderer, calmly gives her words of encouragement to bring out the little girl’s inner strength.

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“Are you ok?” Shelbee asks.

“Yea,” Brilee replies, holding back tears.

That’s when Shelbee has her daughter repeat the words, "I’m ok. I’m strong. I’m beautiful. I’m loved. I’m worthy."

By the last word, Brilee is back to smiling, gives her mom a hug, and tells her she loves her.