Ian flooding blocks access to Central Florida Zoo

Lake Monroe, which is part of the St. Johns River system, is at record high levels. Because of the unprecedented flooding, access to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens is blocked. CEO Richard Glover tells FOX 35 News that the animals are ok and cared for while staff waits for the water to recede.

The main road leading into the zoo from Seminole Blvd. is completely covered with water and unsafe for traffic.  "We've got employees who've been here over 20 years, and we've never seen the road anything like this," Glover said.

Glover said the entrance to the zoo is at the lowest part of the property and that the animal habitats are safe. "Everything's dry where the exhibits are, where the animals are," he added. "We just can't get in and out very easily."

Glover said only essential staff have been brought in since the storm to look after the property, clear up public spaces and maintain the habitats.  He said the water is forecast to recede and staff is hopeful the zoo can reopen in the next two weeks.