Houston lawmakers united in condemnation against Russia's invasion of Ukraine

The unprovoked Russian invasion of sovereign Ukraine has triggered condemnation from Houston area Congressional leaders in the strongest possible terms.

"The Russians need to feel pain for this," said Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX). "This is completely barbaric behavior on the part of the Russians. It's barbaric."

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Speaking from Ukraine where she participated in a fact-finding mission, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) compared Putin's invasion to some of human history's greatest atrocities.

"Putin was a stormtrooper that marched into Ukraine like the senseless, purposeless, immoral wars of medieval times," said Jackson Lee. "This war and violent attack in 2022 is purposeless, immoral, and senseless."

A scathing denunciation was echoed by Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (D-TX) who says the Russian President is in the process of degenerating into a perpetrator of war crimes.

"Putin has chosen to do this," said Garcia. "You know he will be responsible for all the lives lost. He will be responsible for all the infrastructure that will be lost. He will be responsible for everything that results from this invasion."

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Congressman Randy Weber (R-TX) views the invasion as a wake-up call.

"Here's a news flash for our Democratic colleagues across the aisle and for the President, we have enemies out there in the world, and we can't just talk nice to them, you know what I'm saying, they understand one thing - power," said Weber.

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This brings us back to decorated Navy SEAL turned Congressman Dan Crenshaw, who predicts Putin's land-grab will ultimately backfire if met with coordinated resolve by the U.S and its allies.

"I think it quickly devolves into a guerilla warfare insurgency which should be the Russian's worst nightmare...I do think they will regret this," said Crenshaw. "I think they have created a situation where they are an absolute pariah and they will have far more costs than benefits with this."


While unanimous in their condemnation of Russia's invasion none of the lawmakers who spoke with FOX 26 advocates sending American troops to join in the defense of Ukraine.