Homes in these 2 Florida cities are going for less than $200,000 on average: report

Fort Lauderdale Coastline Aerial (Photo by Hoberman Collection/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

In this housing market, it is very uncommon to find homes listed under $200,000 in most places. As Florida home prices have climbed astronomically over the last couple of years, it would be a shock to some to learn that there are, in fact, homes for sale under $200,000 in the sunshine state.

A new report has compiled a list of potential homeowners who can find homes under $200K. The cities at the top of the list are in Florida. 

The sunny suburbs of Lauderdale Lakes lead the ranking with 17 out of 20 homes listed as less than $200K. Following in the No. 2 spot is Lauderhill. The median home price in Lauderhill is $175,000 and $149,000 in Lauderdale Lakes.  

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Those prices beat the national median list price of $442,500. 

Here's a list of cities with the most homes priced below $200,000

1. Lauderdale Lakes, FL (Median home price of $149,350)

2. Lauderhill (Median home price of $175,000)

3. Akron, OH (Median home price of $138,600)

4. Detroit, MI (Median home price of $90,000)

5. Rochester, NY (Median home price of $161,194)

6. Niagra Falls, NY (Median home price of $114,500)

7. Albany, GA (Median home price of $104,000)

8. Lansing, MI (Median home price of $143,950)

9. Rockford, IL (Median home price of $164,950)

10. Cleveland, OH (Median home price of $135,475)

Homebuyers are advised not to delay buying in these types of markets because home prices are skyrocketing in many cities.