Florida homeowner says hurricanes triggered sinkholes in neighborhood

A Volusia County homeowner is worried after she says a sinkhole opened up in her front yard after the recent storms. 

Ciara Vetro owns a home in the Fawn Ridge subdivision off Enterprise Road in Orange City.  She tells FOX 35 News that the hole first opened up after Hurricane Ian and became worse after Hurricane Nicole.

"Started off again small and then after the second hurricane grew bigger and now it has progressed into going under our driveway," she said.

Vetro said there are more sinkholes popping up in the neighborhood. Sky FOX drone flew over a hole on the next street.city-ownedeached out to the city. A spokesperson said the holes are "ground depressions caused by water coming from broken pipes." 

The city sent cameras to look through the stormwater system and discovered broken pipes, both city owned and privately owned. The spokesperson said they are working with the HOA to fix the pipes.