Hoax 911 call prompts SWAT situation in Orlando

A quiet neighborhood in East Orlando was filled with dozens of officers after police say a hoax 911 call was placed reporting a shooting on Elm Forest Lane.

"What the heck is going on here, you know, I haven't seen that many cops in one place," said Pedro Matos, owner of a home stormed by police.

Matos, 83, was walking out his front door, when he was greeted by the SWAT team.

"I had about fifteen rifles pointed at me, there were cops all over the place,” said Matos.

The 23-year Navy war veteran says he's glad to be alive.

"That's how people can get killed, by doing that kind of stuff, because the cops don't know, they don't know who is telling the truth or who's the one that may be the bad guy," said Matos.

 Pedro’s son, Carlos, was not home at the time but says he knows who placed the call.

"I was able to recognize that immediately, and I said 'Sir, that's him," said Carlos.

Carlos believes the caller is trying to retaliate against him for a recent confrontation.

"If it comes out that this is the individual who did this, then I think he should be prosecuted to the most extent of the law because this man caused chaos and mayhem outside in this neighborhood here, which affected the entire community," said Carlos.

But a statement released by Orlando Police Tuesday indicates it’s someone unknown.

“Detectives have determined that the incident stemmed from a dispute over a PayPal transaction. None of the already known people surrounding this case are the person who made the hoax 911 call.  Detectives are still working to see if they can positively identify the person who made the call.”

"I can't believe it, I just can't believe that somebody would do that to a family," said Matos.