Hickory man finds 2 dogs shot to death, dumped in creek

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Two dogs were found shot to death and dumped in a creek behind a baseball stadium in Hickory. 

"I really couldn't believe what I was seeing really,” Roger Acker told FOX 46.

Acker, an amateur photographer, was walking down a trail behind the Hickory Crawdads Baseball Stadium when he found two pit bulls lying dead in a creek. 

"To be shot, wrapped in sheets, thrown over a bank like they're McDonald’s trash or trash in any way you know, it really says something about the person's character that's responsible for this,” Acker said. 

Acker took pictures of the pit bulls, and says one is a dark gray adult found wrapped in a white sheet. The other is a tan pit bull puppy wrapped in a burgundy sheet. He posted the pictures to Facebook to help find the owners and the person responsible.

"Without those pictures no one would be able to identify them and it helps to bring attention to what really happened,” 

Hickory police and Animal Control were called in, and say the dogs were not microchipped. 

"They don't have a voice. They can't speak and, you know, of course they're gone now and they need justice. Any animal needs justice that's been handled the way they were,” Acker said.

His post garnered hundreds of comments and more than 600 shares. Many people are enraged the dogs were brutally killed instead of handed over to a rescue or loving family. 

"People take life for granted anymore and it's more valuable than a lot of people, it's just valuable and there's other ways to do it, definitely."