'Hey ISIS, You Suck!!!' billboard draws world-wide attention

A billboard in Phoenix proclaims "Hey, ISIS, you suck!!!" signed by "#ActualMuslims." Similar signs have been posted in Chicago, Miami, and St. Louis.

A new billboard in South Florida has created quite a buzz. The message proclaims that ISIS "sucks" and is signed from "#ActualMuslims" in big purple font on a black background.

The sign is located along Interstate 75 near Miami Lakes.

"The billboard condemns terrorism in very clear terms and it specially says 'Hey ISIS, you suck! From, actual Muslims,'" Yasir Billoo with the Coalition of South Florida Muslim Organizations told Local News 10.

The billboard also touts a verse from the Quran stating "Life is sacred."

Similar billboards have been put up in Chicago, St. Louis, and Phoenix.