Cat saves Port Orange woman from accidental fire, owner says: 'He's my hero'

A Port Orange woman said she was saved by her cat following an accidental fire at her mobile home.

Karen Maceachron lives in Riverside mobile home park off of South Ridgewood Avenue. She said the fire started from a candle she lit in the bathroom.

"I forgot it was lit, and I fell asleep watching TV," she said. 

 At that point, her cat Chewy knocked the candle over. As the flames began to grow, Maceachron was fast asleep. Karen said there were several cans on a shelf near her bed. She said the cat began knocking them onto her to wake her up.

By the time she woke up, smoke had begun to fill up the room. She grabbed her pets and headed outside.

"I just ran out the door. When the door opened, the whole thing went ‘Woosh!’" 

She made it, along with Chewy and her dog, Stella. 

Firefighters contained the fire, but the camper was completely destroyed. Nearby homes sustained minor damage, but no injuries were reported.

Her neighbor, Sherree Deshong, learned of the incident while at work. "My heart sank for her because I've known her for years," she said. I'm extremely thankful at this point — very thankful that she's still here."

Port Orange Fire & Rescue officials said Maceachron is lucky to be alive. In most instances, deaths are caused by the inhalation of carbon monoxide.

One of the investigators on the scene told FOX 35 News that if the cat had not woken her up, then it’s a strong possibility she would never have woken up.

"He’s my hero," Maceachron said.

The fire was ruled an accident.