Hero officers, Good Samaritan save woman in sinking car

Just after 1 a.m. on Tuesday, a blue Hyundai driving down the Eau Gallie Causeway went off the road. The car left pieces behind as it busted through a tree and into the Indian River. 

A witness sprinted across the street to flag down an officer who happened to be across the street in hopes of saving a life. 

The woman could be heard on her frantic call to 911 shouting to the officer. 

"Help! There is a person in the water, please," yelled the witness. 

Officer Peter Dolci III came running to help, jumping into the water. His body camera footage shows the car on its side, the windows smashed and a Good Samaritan holding the unconscious driver’s head above water. 

"Can you get this glass broken? If we don’t, I think she’s going to die," shouted the Samaritan. 

With help from fellow Officer Luke Dummer, the two pulled the woman from the car and onto land. All that was on their minds were finding a pulse. 

"Just getting her up the steep embankment and on a flat surface so we can start doing lifesaving measures," Dummer said. 

Officer Dolci and Officer Dummer were able to do just that with help from paramedics.

"They said she had strong vitals and everything like that, so hopefully she pulls through," Officer Dolci said. 

Investigators are trying to find out how the car ended up in the river. They say the driver of the car is in stable condition thanks, in part, to quick-thinking officers and a brave Samaritan. 

"He did a great job. He kept his cool," Dolci said.