Here are 25 trending holiday gifts based on Google searches this year

Are you having a hard time figuring out what special gift to give a friend or family member this holiday season? Google can help you with that.

The company released its Holiday 100 which provides a long list of gift ideas based on search trends of 2022.

Since there are no one-size-fits-all gifts, Google breaks down its finding based on the following categories: home and garden, apparel and accessories, gaming and electronics, beauty, toys and crafts and health and fitness. Here are 20 items that made the list:

Messenger bag

Google said the search for this item was the highest this year than it's been in a decade.

Hair dryer brush

This item was one of the top 10 searched brushes of 2022.

Smart glasses

See the world in a whole new way. Smart glasses reportedly reached a decade-high in search volume.

Stemless wine glass

Searches for this item max out every December.

Toy piano

This is the top-searched instrument for kids this year.

Paperclip necklace

Google said this item increased 90% in search interest this year.

Workout trampoline

Interest in this item for exercise soared this year.

Weighted blanket

This item tops out every December.

Hydroponic garden

This gift gardeners will enjoy, as no soil or green thumb is needed. 

Pickleball paddle

Google reported pickleball as a breakout star of the year, with a 500% increase in searches within one month.

VR headset

Searches increases every year for this out-of-the world/augmented reality experience.

Egyptian cotton sheets

Searches for high-thread count sheets grew by 160% in 2022, Google reported. 

Gaming laptop

People searched for top-rated gaming laptops a lot this year – 400% more to be exact.

Scalp massager

Google said this item was a 2022 breakout search star.

Under desk treadmill

Searches for this soared by 60% this year alone.

Side sleeper pillow

Comfort sleep. Searches for these topped other pillow types this year. 

Bath bombs

The search for these are the highest in December.

Home pizza oven

People searched this item 80% more this year.

Face mask for glowing skin

People want glowing skin, according to viral trends. Searches were up for face masks for boosting collagen and preventing acne. 

Therapy massage chair

Search interest peaks every holiday season for this spa-like experience.

Skincare fridge

Searches for this item rose by 90% this year.

Gaming chair

Gamers want to sit comfortably while playing their favorite game. Google said searches for the gaming chair rose by 900% this year.

Foot Spa

Searches for this item peak every winter.

Handheld gaming console

Items like the Nintendo Switch peak every December.

Electric pour over kettle

This item is searched more in December than any month of the year.