Group calls for Orlando FreeFall ride to be taken down

Two months after Tyre Sampson's death from falling off the Orlando FreeFall ride, people are still demanding that the ride be taken down.

"Let the tourists know that we care here in Orange County," said Tina Wilson, who protested in front of the ride on Memorial Day. "We’re residents here. This shouldn’t just be another day, another dollar."

On Monday, there was a much smaller memorial for Sampson, tucked away behind another fence.

At one point, it spilled out onto the sidewalk.

"It was all the way out to the sidewalk here," said Marion Davis, who was visiting from Maryland. It’s just sad that they have to cover it up like that. A kid died here."

An attorney for Orlando SlingShot released the following statement to FOX 35 on Tuesday:

"In consultation with Tyre Sampson’s family and Icon Park, Orlando Slingshot recently cleaned the memorial area and consolidated memorial items.  Memorial items that were removed have been saved for delivery to the family’s representatives."

An attorney for Sampson's family told FOX 35 the memorial was being destroyed by the weather, so the family wanted to permanently save it somewhere.

Parts of it are being sent to the family.

The Juneteenth Project Coalition is circulating a petition demanding that the ride be torn down.

Tyre Sampson's parents have filed a civil lawsuit against Icon Park and the ride's manufacturer.