Gov. DeSantis: Florida general public could have access to COVID vaccine in February

A huge first step in ending the coronavirus pandemic.

This week, Florida begins vaccinating its frontline healthcare workers and long-term care facility residents.

Governor Ron DeSantis says the general public may only be a couple months away from getting access too.

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“Your general public, not necessarily high-risk, but you want to do it – I think where were going to be seeing that is once the Johnson & Johnson data is in. We’ll see how effective that is. If effective and safe, they will file for emergency-use authorization probably in January,” Gov. DeSantis said.

Johnson & Johnson has yet to release the results of its Phase 3 trial, but is has recently announced it will likely be earlier than initially planned.

Governor DeSantis pointed out that unlike Pfizer and Moderna, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires one shot and doesn’t have to be kept as cold.

“As we get into potentially February, you could be in a situation where there’s gonna be vaccine for people regardless of circumstances, health risk or age,” DeSantis said.

State officials say they’ll keep everyone up to date on when they can get the vaccine.