Vaccine eligibility expands to include 'extremely vulnerable' under 65

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order on Friday that expands the eligibility for people to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

The executive order allows those under the age of 65 who are deemed "extremely vulnerable" by their doctor to receive the vaccine. It also allows both doctors' offices and pharmacies to give the vaccines to those individuals.

That means at-risk people under 65 can get vaccinated through Publix and Walmart.

"This is huge news because before this change to the executive order, people with underlying conditions under 65 could only get it at hospitals," said Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, (D) Orlando.

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However, the problem is as of Sunday night, the change to the order has not been reflected on websites of major pharmacies, like Walmart and CVS.

"The state health department needs to be clearly communicating to Publix and Walmart that this change has happened. We are going to urge them to get their stuff together so folks can easily book their appointments tomorrow without any trouble," Rep. Guillermo Smith said.

Many high-risk people will be on the website waiting to see if they'll be able to get an appointment.

FOX 35 spoke to a woman who is now eligible for the vaccine under this new executive order and she said "It just makes me happy that he's finally getting people under 65 that do have a medical condition. We're important too."


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