Good Samaritan rescues baby about to crawl into traffic, police say

Apopka police officers said a Good Samaritan saved a baby from crawling into traffic after the child was left unattended by a mother who was under the influence of LSD.

"The baby was here, at this location out here," said Kimberly Pollard.

Pollard was driving along busy Main Street in Apopka on Saturday night when she noticed a woman with a baby looking frantic.  As she drove past and turned around, Kimberly says the baby was gone.

"The girl was running without the baby taking off her shirt." 

According to an arrest report, 21-year-old Celine Bustamante was high on LSD and put the baby down by the traffic. Pollard parked her car and got out just in time.

"The baby was on the ground crawling, crying. No clothes on. I made the turn before it crawls into the street and just grabbed the baby. His bankie was on this side and there was like a cover, a small sheet that he had."

Pollard said the 9-month-od baby boy was shaken up and crying, wearing only socks and a diaper on a very chilly night.

"Went to the closest house that I knew of and changed the baby’s diaper, put him in clothes and called police."

Apopka police charged Bustamante and 24-year-old Ismael Ortiz with child neglect.

Pollard, who is a mother of four boys, thinks fate stepped in that night.

"I don’t even go this way home. But something just told me to take the long way that night."

She hopes the baby boy and his mother are ok.

"I hope she can get it together for her baby. Because he’s innocent in his life, he didn’t ask to be here."