GA teen who nearly lost her life prepares to graduate high school

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It's the time of year every student awaits with great anticipation, graduating from high school. For Paige Harris, her dreams of walking across the stage to get her diploma almost did not come to fruition.

During Paige's freshman year tragedy struck when her friend accidentally ran over her with her car. 

"I was numb, my whole body was numb," said Paige Harris. "She hit the accelerator and she hit me head on. I flew back and then she reversed to get the car back."

The car versus pedestrian crash left Paige in a medically induced coma for ten days. She suffered from a number of injuries including internal bleeding, six pelvic breaks and both femurs cut in half. 

"I literally thought I was going to lose my child," said Paige's mother, Gina Harris-Moore. "They told me they didn't know if she was going to make it because of all the injuries." 

But, after 17 surgeries, extensive therapy, grit, and determination, Paige fought back. It was a journey Paige and her family say they did not travel alone.  

"Parkview had teachers come up to the hospital. They helped me with my work to make sure I wasn't missing anything," said Paige. "They always told me 'you're going to graduate on time and we're going to do everything we can to make sure you graduate on time.'"

Paige found herself on track to graduate on time. Heading back into the classroom first in a wheelchair, then a walker followed by crutches. But life was about to throw this family another curve-ball.

"We thought we were in our routine. Then, I was diagnosed with breast cancer," said Harris-Moore. "It stunned me, but I knew after the fight we'd just gone through, we could go through this as well."

Meanwhile, through all the trials and tribulations, this mother-daughter duo is positive proof that you can still stand as victors through the testing of your faith.

Paige will be attending Kennesaw State after graduating high school.