FWC forcing changes to Brevard Zoo rhino encounter

In the aftermath of the accident with a rhino and a toddler, 12 changes are coming at the Brevard Zoo.

Officials at the zoo say The Rhino Encounter has not reopened since the accident and will not reopen until all of the changes are made.

FWC has outlined 12 procedures which Brevard Zoo must follow, some of which include age restrictions and a limits on the numbers of guests who can participate in the Rhino Encounter.

Children ages 7-11 are permitted to attend the encounter, if they are accompanied by an adult.  No child under the age of 7 will be allowed to attend.  Additionally, no more than eight guests will be allowed to participate at one time, within at 20-30 minute period.  Only four children are allowed among those eight.

FWC is also requiring that a removable, two-inch nylon net be put in place during each encounter.  The top of the netting will be set at a height of 36 inches.