FWC assists in placing exotic animals taken from home

Around a dozen animals are getting help at the Apopka-based CARE Foundation, after they had to be taken away from a man facing charges stemming from a traffic stop.

In December, troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol arrested 27-year-old Shane Taylor, charging him with DUI.  During that traffic stop, they also discovered he was hauling several exotic animals.  They ended up at the CARE Foundation wildlife refuge. Assistant director Travis DeVita says that a dozen more animals have been taken from Taylor's home in Brevard County.

"I was very surprised at the animals he had," says DeVita.

Travis says the actual owner of the animals lives out of state and had asked for them to be relocated to CARE and several other animal sanctuaries.

"Several sanctuaries went out there, along with police departments and FWC [Florida Wildlife Commission] and we were able to take those animals back. They're very stressed, which is unusual for animals that come in this quickly, which means they were stressed before we got them."

The additional animals include two emus, two foxes, three peacocks, a lemur and an owl.

"I'm thankful the animals have gone to better homes. Now, they're getting the care they deserve."

Travis expects the animals to be here long term.