Friendly manatee surprises 2 women in canoes at Fort DeSoto Park

Two women canoeing at Fort DeSoto Park made a new friend Wednesday morning. In video taken by See Through Adventures, a manatee can be seen approaching the women who were paddling in two separate see-through vessels.

The gentle giant swam up to the first woman and stayed alongside the boat long enough for her to grab a few photos with her phone.

The manatee is seen rolling over in the water before approaching the second woman and swimming under her see-through canoe. The woman waved at the friendly manatee through her vessel.

In the video, the manatee put its flipper up on the canoe several times as if hugging it.

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On its Facebook page, See Through Adventures said its goal is to find dolphins, manatees and other marine life for its customers to see and added that it was an adventure the women won’t forget any time soon.


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