Free car seat check in Ocala

On Saturday, some people in Central Florida took steps to save children's lives when it comes to car seats.

At Saturday's event in Ocala they focused on car seat safety, but they also passed out window clings about kids and hot cars.

Those window clings say "Never leave a child in the car" and "Look before you lock."

The goal, organizers said, is to save lives.

Krista Hogue and her family wanted to get her car seats checked.

Krista Hogue, a mother of two said, "I think car seat safety is one of the most important things because we are in our cars so much. Every day, we wanna keep them safe."

The Hogue's are one of dozens of families that showed up to Ocala's Palm Chevrolet, Saturday, as part of the safe kids car seat check event.

Bridgette Maurice is with the Ocala Police Department and is a Safe Kids child passenger safety instructor.

"We're looking to save lives here," she said.

Maurice said roughly 74 percent of car seats they check at events like this are not installed properly. She said a properly installed car seat should not move more than 1 inch from side-to-side.

For your child, she says a properly restrained car seat will "keep them from being thrown out of the car. If it rolls, if it spins, something like that, it keeps them from being ejected."

Saturday's event comes after a baby was found in a hot car in Volusia County.

Hot car awareness clings were also given out to serve as an important reminder that could potentially save lives down the road.

Hogue said, "Absolutely. We definitely need to get the word out."

By the way, Hogue passed both car seat checks.

The checks are free.

Look for more in our area in the weeks to come.