FPL to install 'solar trees' on Space Coast

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Florida Power & Light is pushing solar initiatives throughout the state.  FPL just announced eight new solar plants expected to power more than a 100,000 customers. 

The company is building interactive solar installations, such as solar trees and pavilions, that are designed to be a part of the local communities.  Some of the solar installations can already be found at parks, museums and zoos around Florida.  

"Up until now, solar was often out of sight for most people, either high on a rooftop or at a solar energy center," said FPL spokesman Stephen Heiman.  "FPL customers will soon be able to see what solar panels look like up close."

This summer, three solar trees will be coming to Palm Bay's City Hall, Heiman says.  FPL customers can learn more at FPL.com/solarnow