FOX 35 EXCLUSIVE: Video shows moments before driver drove off with man trapped underneath RV

A gruesome accident led to a man being dragged nearly a mile in Volusia County — and the driver said he had no idea there was a body under his RV.

FOX 35 has the exclusive video of what led up to the accident, showing the two men together going in and out of the vehicle and a home before the victim went on one side of the RV and disappeared out of view from the camera.

The video showed the driver then getting in the RV and driving off. On the right side of the screen, the video showed a neighbor running outside, appearing to try to get the driver to stop.

Officials say the driver made it home on Linda Lane in Daytona Beach to Nova Road before someone flagged him down.

A man who was able to pull over the driver spoke to FOX 35.

"I stopped him like in the middle of LPGA to see if he was OK cause everybody was yelling "stop" and he said he was alright. I never noticed the body until he pulled off and then I saw the blood trail. That's when I first called the police and followed him into Save-A-Lot.

The man who got the driver to pull over said the driver was shocked and very upset when he realized what happened.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the victim's identity is not yet being released.

Troopers would only say he was 40 years old.