FOX 35 EXCLUSIVE: Senator Rubio's office helping woman with fiancé stranded in Cuba

After our FOX 35 exclusive, a woman’s fiancé is getting some big help after being stranded in Cuba for months.

The exasperation Marisa Salinas felt just one day ago has now turned to hope.

"At this point, we’re just desperate. We don’t care where," Salinas told FOX 35 on Monday.

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Tuesday, she told FOX 35, "I have faith and I know everything will work out for the better. Good things will come."

Salinas’ fiancé, Hasley Cruz, has been stuck in Cuba since December. He flew down to visit his family for a month, but he’s had a couple flights canceled since then. Cuba is restricting travel right now due to COVID-19.

But after speaking with Salinas Monday and reaching out to Senator Marco Rubio’s office, she finally received a call back.

"This helped me out a lot because the first thing the office of Marco Rubio said to me this morning was ‘I saw the news first thing this morning.’ I appreciate you so much. Thank you," Salinas said.

Salinas says the senator’s office gathered her and her fiance’s information and hopes to get in touch with the embassy in Cuba.

"Everything’s in process. So, she did let me know the embassy in Cuba’s closed, but for special circumstances, they do open it."

She hopes this is one of those circumstances and that they’ll also get in touch with the Department of State so they can fly her fiancé back to the U.S. sooner rather than later.

"What’s the plan at this point?" FOX 35 asked.

"To keep fighting. I’m not going to stop," Salinas said.